NATIONWIDE FOOD PANTRY & CLOTHING MINISTRY Making this World Better By Helping Others!
Welcome to Nationwide Food Pantry and Clothing Ministry! 
About Us

We are an affiliate of Ike Ozuome Ministries and a global outreach ministry dedicated to tending to the physical needs of both believers in Christ and unbelievers.

Our Services

We oversee and give material goods for the relief of the needy, the poor, and the distressed, no matter where they come from.

What We Do

We help those who are naked and destitute of daily foods, with the things they need for the body, like clothes and foods.

How We're Different

We do not only do all of the above, we also spent our time working with Alayo Miracle Church of Christ team in fellowship, nurturing, edification, and upholding the cause of the poorby helping widows and widowers, orphans, aliens, the elderly, and also standing against oppression. See More!